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wMonday, August 12, 2002

This is just a quick note to post a link to Aldren's Blog, my D&D game's report. I'm the DM and I decided to dedicate a whooole Blog to my adventure, since it'll be easier for my players to read the log than to find me in cyberspace. At least I hope so. Besided, that way anything I tell them will be recorded for posterity, so no one can complain about rules, demerits, punishments and stuff like that.

posted by Luis at 11:10 AM


Woohoo. I got me a Blog. Now I can join the masses of teeming geeks all over the world who want to share their every thought and feeling with the rest of the world. Isn't this fun!.... (pause) no, actually it isn't. At least not yet. But i'll try (mostly) anything once. Expect more stuff here. At least im not posting any Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

posted by Luis at 2:14 AM