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wWednesday, October 23, 2002

Let them eat cake! Considering I have now 4 birthday cakes in the kitchen and dining room, with another one on it's way over, I'm beginning to think that there CAN be such a thing as too much cake.

Pah-teee! The party went OK, although not as many people attended as I'd originally considered. And those that came didn't drink as much as they had in previous occasions. "My wife wont let me", "I dont drink so much anymore", "I have to drive home"... bah. So I've got a ton of beer left in the fridge (don't worry, I'll see to it that it gets drunk soon), an almost-full bottle of Absolut, lots of grape and orange juice ("You like-a the juice, eh? The juice is good, eh? I get you more juice."), and a few more assorted bottles of liquors and stuff.

So anyway... i'm off to the movies. Oh, and I've got a new cellphone. Finally, let the teeming hordes of beautiful babes appear!

posted by Luis at 3:34 PM

wSaturday, October 19, 2002

Too long since I last wrote something in this blog webbie thingie. But I was thinking a few things that I thought I ought to put in writing before I change my mind.

In memoriam, DNA. Douglas Adams is dead. He's been dead for more than a year now. And I've just finished reading Salmon of Doubt, a recollection of stories, anecdotes, letters, general ramblings, short stories and the first chapters of his sadly unfinished latest novel-in-work. And then it hit me. I haven't written anything interesting enough in a long time. I've got tons of ideas, most of them pretty stupid (as if that's stopped me before), that I should at least try to expand into short stories or small novelettes or something.

I want to BE like Douglas Adams, to inspire other people to write, to have people come up to me and say, "I really liked your latest book/story/movie". It would give my life some meaning at the very least. And fame. And fortune (Im not such an idiot as to refrain from having a few material possessions now and then).

Anyway. It's my birthday in a few more days, and I'm having a party tonight, and I have to go out and buy... coaxial cable. 15 meters of it, to be precise. Some cleaning to do, then some cooking, then chopping up lots of vegetables to prepare lots of salads or something. Mustn't forget to buy beers & cokes. And snacks. And dinner plates. Man, having fun is so much work these days!

posted by Luis at 2:56 PM

wTuesday, October 08, 2002

Bored now. Just got back from my weekly D&D game. Man, my players need to READ their freaking handbooks. I know we were all n00bs once, but come on! It looks like every single freaking time they roll a dice, they look at me and ask, "what do I add?". The game is too slow most of the time, because they don't know what to roll, or what to roll against, or what to add, or how their own spells work.

And they even have the galls to say that my decisions aren't logical or something. Ingrates.

posted by Luis at 2:43 AM