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wTuesday, December 31, 2002

Catch me if you can. No, I haven't seen the movie yet. But I had a really weird dream today. I was visiting the University for some reason, to pay for a sister's class or something, and suddenly some guy just shows up and steals the suitcase with the papers and the cash. So I'm running all over the college, trying to find that guy, and I think I caught him a few times but he started running again. Like a game of cat and mouse all over campus. I just couldn't wake up without catching that dude. So I did catch him, and then I got sprayed with water from the sprinklers in my dream, and I woke up. And it wasn't even one of my weirdest dreams ever.

posted by Luis at 2:39 PM

wTuesday, December 24, 2002

"You can't always get what you want... but if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need!" (Rolling Stones)

Tonight is Christmas Eve. There's gonna be a family dinner here at home, which involves cleaning, cooking, washing stuff, moving stuff from one place to another, moving that same stuff back because there isn't enough space left for the people, buying Cokes, more cleaning, more washing, lather, rinse, repeat. At least this only happens once a year...

Relax! Last night I went to a friend's place and we watched a few movies there. One of those movies was Ben Stiller's Zoolander, which is a funnier movie that anyone thought. Who can forget Katinka Ingabovinana...na. She can come and assassinate me anytime she wants!

posted by Luis at 5:44 PM

wMonday, December 23, 2002

...and a week later My cousins have finally left Monterrey, they went back to Mazatlan with my relatives. Sometime after Christmas and before New Year's Day my family wants to drive all the way to Mazatlan, too. As in "get all your stuff in the van, and get ready to start liking each other for the next 14 hours of driving". Which includes such wonderful moments as staring at the desert for 2 hours, then arriving to a city, then 2 more hours of desert. Or what can I say about driving for 6 to 8 hours on the mountains, with a cliff to one side and a 100 meter drop on the other, on a road with more curves than the female cast of Baywatch? Which only gets more exciting when it's snowing and the road is covered in ice... or when it's so foggy you can't see more than 5 meters in front of you. Getting carsick in the mountains is not as funny as it may sound. Plus you're bravely escorted by a fleet of sleepy, sometimes even drugged, trailer drivers. But I hear most of them cross the mountains without plunging to their deaths in a fiery inferno, so I guess it's ok.

Oh what fun it is to ride in a 6-seat Vo-ya-geeeer.

Pomp and Circumstance My little sister just graduated from College! Now she's gonna know what real life is all about. But I hear she wants to go to Canada to study French for a semester. So I guess she's gonna know what Canadian life is all aboot.

Pomp and Circumstance, Encore My best friend's brother graduated from College as well, so she invited me to be her date for her brother's Graduation Party. Dancing, dining, getting all dressed up. It was fun, but I must say it had it's ups and downs.

For instance, she looked very, very nice in her dress. Quite eye-catching, I must admit. And there's nothing like slow-dancing to a Sinatra song with a beautiful girl.

Too bad we're just friends. C'est la vie. Maybe in another time and another place, history could have been different. But that's the way the cookie bounces, and that's the way the ball crumbles.

posted by Luis at 2:58 PM

wSaturday, December 14, 2002

Groan... I slept 'til 5 PM today, after last night's all-night-long celebration for my parents' 30th anniversary. There's a ton of food left, and I can easily guess what's for dinner tonight (and beakfast, and lunch, and dinner, and so on): spaghetti, potatoes and steak in mushroom gravy. Whew. Hopefully I'll gain at least a few pounds after eating all this food. Nothing else to comment tonight, so see y'all later.

posted by Luis at 6:44 PM

wWednesday, December 11, 2002

"It's the season to be jolly" Fa la la la... and so on and so forth. Christmas is getting nearer every day, and it's starting to get on my nerves. I'm one of those people who always gets all cranky and moody around Christmas. It's not that I have anything personal against it, mind you, but all the festivities and meetings and family reunions.... they always make the tension level in my household to rise by 200 percent, at least. Buying presents, sending cards, cleaning the house, setting up the tree, it's just too much work to do.

30 years and counting. My parent celebrate their 30th anniversary this Friday. Mass and party scheduled; disorder and chaos soon to ensue.

posted by Luis at 4:51 PM

wMonday, December 09, 2002

House! Last Saturday, around 1 or 2 PM, I get this call out of the blue in my cellphone. "Hey Luis, it's Marcela!". Not my ex-'s voice, thank the Lord, but another friend of mine from Guadalajara I hadn't met in person. So she calls me up to see if I want to hang out that night and see a mutual friend play as a DJ in this chill-techno-house club here in Monterrey. Turns out she's here for just one night, and wanted to meet me in person.

Hey, maybe the babes did get that memo.

It was a fun night, although the DJ and the club's owner go into a few arguments about what kind of music to play. DJ wants to play House and Techno remixes, owner wants more pop-trendy music. As if that mattered at all, considering there were like, twenty people in the club or so. Still, we danced (at least Marcela and I) most of the night, and then we stayed there until the club closed at around 3 AM. Then, we hit a really small place for dinner. It has 4 tables in all, great food, nice people serving. The DJ and Marcela used to go there to eat after hitting the bars, back when Marcela was working here in Monterrey.

A fun night, all included, and I'm happy I met Marcela in person after listening to her voice so long. See, she has a radio show on Internet, you may listen ot her on Winamp or Media Player (yuck) at her Yradio show, Wednesday and Sunday night.

More to come in a while, I've got to go out and buy a Christmas tree stand.

posted by Luis at 4:04 PM

wFriday, December 06, 2002

Still waiting... Well it's been more than a month since last I wrote here. I've still got my cell phone. And I'm still waiting for the hordes of beautiful babes to arrive. Maybe I should have sent them a memo or something.

"Your job's a joke, you're broke, lovelife's D.O.A." Friends fans should recognize that tune. Kinda like i'm feeling right now. My family went up to San Antonio, TX to visit my relatives for Thanksgiving, and what did I do? I had to stay here in Monterrey to give a Visual Basic course. Well, a job's a job, I guess. Still, at 6 dollars an hour it's better than nothing. Still waiting for the check, tho. I urgently need it for this weekend.

"Is there anybody out there?" Im guessing no one ever reads this blog other than me. So if you've arrived here accidently, just shoot me a mail to let me know if this is interesting, stupid, or a waste of time. Look me up as luis_milan in either the Hotmail or Yahoo mailboxes.

posted by Luis at 12:28 AM