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wTuesday, January 28, 2003

"Hanging on in quiet desperation is the english way". The time is gone, the song is over, thougth I'd something more to say. Time, by Pink Floyd. Great music, and even better lyrics. The kind that reaches in into your brain and kicks your ideas around for a while. Kinda what I need to do.

We get signal! Mainscreen turn on! The DirectTV is finally up and running. Yay! Lots of movies, series, sports, South Park, and of course that-which-rhymes-with-torn. Too bad I can't get UPN, so no Buffy or Enterprise for me yet. Still, there's a lot of other things to see. I've seen Goldmember so many times i'm beginning to learn the dialogs. And it's been 3 times now that I see the end of Jay and Silent Bob strike back. I still haven't seen the first 50 minutes, but I swear I'll do it, by Buddy Christ!

Note to self: need to recover my Dogma DVD.

posted by Luis at 5:26 PM

wFriday, January 10, 2003

Dont you know, that's the sounds of the men working on the chain, hey-ee-yeah I got a job. Sort of. Well, it's a job, so I wont complain much. I'm gonna be teaching Office, Access and (not yet sure) JavaScript at college. Not as classes but as seminars of some sort. It beats dying slowly day by day here at home, anyway.

Farking azimuth! Can't find the bloody DirectTV satellite yet. My retribution shall be swift and memorable.

Well, maybe not swift.

Porbably not memorable either.

posted by Luis at 1:28 PM

wTuesday, January 07, 2003

A new year is starting and it feels exactly like the last one. Instead of looking at this new year with hope in my heart and plans in my mind, i'm still reeling after last year's disasters (if I may over-react a bit). Today I slept almost 14 hours straight. And I haven't been working out or feeling tired or anything. I guess I just didn't have anything to wake up to. Which is something I should work on ASAP.

I havent got anything else to write about, sorry. I'm just not feeling well.

posted by Luis at 7:08 PM