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wSaturday, September 20, 2003

Well I haven't added anything new to my blog in several days. No world-shattering news yet, I guess.

But i'll try to log on later tonight, and write something, like a haiku, or a recipe for preparing cookies with tuna (dont ask).

posted by Luis at 7:41 PM

wSunday, September 07, 2003

Here comes the bride... here comes the bride.... Yesterday a friend of mine got married, and boy it was a doozy. Spent Friday night roleplaying as usual 'til 3 AM, then came home to sleep a couple of hours and got up to give a Visual Basic class at 9, and came back. In theory, I was gonna set up everything I needed for the wedding, and then have a quick nap in the afternoon to recover some energy.

Life, of course, had other plans. A little cousin of mine came around and we were copying CDs (har, matey!), playing on the computer and stuff, so I couldn't take that nap I wanted / needed / longed for. But, he brought me curly fries so I wasn't complaining.

Then, I couldn't find my suit anywhere in the house (turns out it was hanging in the back of my parents' bedroom's door, no idea why). Then, while getting ready to go, I nicked myself while shaving, and failed to notice it... until I saw the blood marks on the neck of my shirt (luckily enough, they were on the inside so they weren't visible while wearing a tie). I was on a tight schedule so I just buttoned the shirt up, grabbed the tie and suit, and drove away.

Came back 5 minutes later for the invite. Drove away again. Picked up the friend I went to the wedding with (not a date, just to clear that up), then I had to stop for gas on the way to the church... and I ran out like 2 feet from the pump, I swear. Got it refueled, and got there 10 minutes early. Yay!

Life decided to kick things around a bit again: the Father who was gonna perform the ceremony got the timing wrong and arrived 30 minutes late. But, he came, he talked (in two languages even, since the bride comes from Monterrey, Mexico and the groom comes from... uh, New York, I think. Somewhere in the continental USA, at least), he talked some more, and he got them married.

On to the reception / dinner / dancing. When we got there, we saw that they had seated us in a small room not directly facing the dancehall. But it was OK anyway.

We spent most of the night dancing, I learned a few new tricks on the dancefloor, got to make a work of art with my dessert ("dont play with your food" my foot!). Then we said goodbye to the newlyweds, drove my friend home, didn't kiss her, came back to drop dead on the floor and sleep 10 hours straight.

All in all, it was fun.

posted by Luis at 2:20 PM

wMonday, September 01, 2003

Me nad my dyslexic keyboard. For some reason someoen in this hosuehold decided to switch the keyboard from our Presario with the keyboard from the HP Vectra which we're not using. And this keyboard, for some strange reason, has a slight tendency to switch around the keys while I'm typing. It's like it has dyslexia or soemthing. It's a pain in the sas to edit whatever im typing all the time; im used to typing really fast, and this keyboard just ain't helping. Oh well.

You spin me round round baby round round... Playing spin-the-bottle with several girls is fun!.

posted by Luis at 5:27 PM