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wThursday, October 30, 2003

Sun 2, Japan 0. Reading Yahoo, I came across this piece of news:
Japan Loses 2nd Satellite to Solar Flare. Wow. The Sun's been getting a wee bit cranky lately. The paranoid in me wonders if it's gonna erupt in a big ball of fire obliterating life across the Solar System, or if the big-ass asteroid of 2012 will do the job here on Earth.

posted by Luis at 5:19 PM


Confusion never stops... I'm listening to Coldplay's Clocks. Nothing else to do but wait until it's 5:30 PM so I can go teach some more Advanced Excel.

It's been a long couple of weeks with nothing quite interesting to write about. At least nothing that happened to me. Well, I did receive a response to a mail I sent to my dear friend Martha, who's studying and teaching at Duke U at the moment. And I went out for lunch with Adriana, a college friend of mine, whom I invited to be my date for my brother's wedding in 3 weeks.

Other than that, nothing that I can write about right now. Maybe tonight I'll update this blog. Or not.

posted by Luis at 5:05 PM

wTuesday, October 21, 2003

Bored. It's my birthday tomorrow and today i'm feeling bored. Teach in the morning, back to home for something to eat, a quick nap and play some Utopia and/or Angband on my PC, then i'm going back to teach in a few more minutes.

Time's up. I'm outta here.

posted by Luis at 5:03 PM

wFriday, October 03, 2003


The Matrix: Revolutions is going to open in nearly 70 countries worldwide. At the same time. Simultaneously. Read all about it in Yahoo! News -
"Matrix" Finale Set for "Zero Hour".

posted by Luis at 11:58 PM

wThursday, October 02, 2003

Been there, Remiel. Done that. Wore the tee shirt, ate the burger, bought the original cast album, choreographed the legions of the damned and orchestrated the screaming....

This strangely compelling line comes from Neil Gaiman's Sandman comic book. Specifically, from The Kindly Ones, the ninth volume in the Sandman library.

You can read a few selected quotes in this link: The Sandman - Neil Gaiman.

Get the books. Read them. Savour them. And... well... just dream.

posted by Luis at 4:00 PM