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wTuesday, December 30, 2003

Cloning Ann Coulter. Straight out of World O' Crap, an interesting weblog, comes this magnificent description of that ol' George Lucas movie, Attack of the Clones. It's a must-read.

posted by Luis at 1:36 AM

wMonday, December 29, 2003

Karma shmarma. Sometimes life can get a little bit complicated; some other times, everything's going all right, with not a cloud in the metaphorical sky. Too bad things can, and usually do, change in a heartbeat.

A couple of days ago, after having a wonderful evening of movies and female friends, I was thinking to myself, wow, life's good sometimes. Lo and behold, things got nasty the following day. First of all, my dad just kinda found a few pictures of a, lets say, mature nature, in the PC. Obviously, he wasn't at all pleased. So bye bye to a few gigs of pics I had.
Then, while I was pondering about God's sick sense of humor, I find out that my 2 kittens had died sometime during the night. That just leaves me with 3 cats, and no kittens.

Thanks a bunch, Yahveh, Allah, Xemu or whoever it's at the wheel controlling the Universe at the moment.

Oh, and that pretty girl I met at school that I was having a crush on? She got herself a boyfriend. Dammit.

Then my family leaves town and I get the house to myself. So I invite a girlfriend, we watch some comedy DVDs, we have dinner, then she leaves after thanking me for a lovely evening. A nice, comfortable evening, everything's ok, and I'm feeling happy afterwards.

Ups and downs, as I say. Right now I'm just waiting for the pendulum to swing the other way, in a pessimistic sort of way.

posted by Luis at 9:56 PM

wWednesday, December 24, 2003

Tis the season to be jolly, fa-lala-lala, lala la la....
Eat some turkey with brown gravy, falalalala lala la la.
Cousins wrecking my computers, falala, lalala, la la la.
Wake tomorrow all hung over, falalalala... lala, la laaaaaaa.

Two mutilated thumbs up!. Last night, I had a good day. I went to see Love actually with a girl, and afterwards I went to see Kill Bill with another girl. And they both were charming and lovely and we had a good time.

Love actually is a good film, all things considered, even though there are so many characters it's sometimes confusing, and the nudity in several scenes feels, to some people, unnecesary. To be honest, I think it was put there for a reason (a couple of porn movies stand-ins who have sex with each other in front of the camera but who are really shy to each other when the camera's not rolling).

Kill Bill, on the other hand, has gory deaths, mutilations, violence, coarse language, and is almost plot-less. Other than that (or maybe due to that), it's a great movie as far as violent movies are considered. Great music, has a ton of references to action movies and shows, some anime, and lots of action. In the words of a Yahoo reader, it is just Gritty Extreme Over-the-Top Retro Kung-Fu Funny.

Merry Christmas, from an agnostic heretical infidel heathen who still believes in the original message from Jesus: Wouldn't it be great if we just, like, loved each other?

posted by Luis at 7:24 PM

wFriday, December 19, 2003

Life isn't fair. I was listening yesterday to an internet radio show, from a couple of guys in Mexico City, and they were talking about the whole Bush-Iraq thing. They made a couple of almost funny jokes ("They wouldn't have caught Hussein if he had started laughing and saying, Merry Christmas. With that beard, he could surely pull it off."), but then one of them said something really insightful.

They're accusing Hussein of crimes against Humanity. George W. freaking Bush wants to accuse Hussein, after the Americans killed thousands of civilians in both Iraq and Afganistan. And they said, and I agree with them, that it's really unbelievable the cynicism of Bush, to kill so many innocent civilians and then declare himself to be a white dove, defending democracy and freedom, and french fries (sorry, "freedom fries"), and apple pie, and Superman comics. Let us not forget the whole Halliburton Iraqi giveaway, either.

Sorry, I got carried away. Had to let out some steam, rid myself of all my negative thoughts before I see the Return of the King ("oh, yeah, baby... Elves have left the buildings!").

Life's not fair, part 2. I've been thinking about how life's not fair for so many people, and I recalled something Calvin once said to Hobbes: "Yeah, but why can't it be unfair for my advantage?" or something like it.

And I came to a conclusion. Life's not fair, but it's been unfair to MY advantage. All in all, I've had a life way better than I deserve... or at least better than I could make for myself, on my own. A trip to europe, new car, nice set of computers... compared to what I've been making as an instructor, these thing I could never afford on my own in a million years. Or, making a few calculations, in a couple of hundred of years, actually. Which means, a) I've been really, really, really lucky so far, b) I really, really, really need to get a better job, c) I should be really, really, REALLY grateful for being born into my family, and d) I should really, really, really shut up before my friends get together and really, really beat the crap outta me. Like, f'real, dog!

Contrariwise, my love life sucks so badly, that I guess that it must be life's way of leveling things up a bit.

Karma, man, gotta love it.

posted by Luis at 5:20 PM

wSunday, December 14, 2003

Random thought of the day. A friend of mine came around several hours ago to pick up some techno-geeky equipment he left here yesterday (Yeah, you know who you are). He's moving away, or at least he's planning to. And as I was watching TV a little while ago, it suddenly hit me. He's moving away. Apart from my friend Monica from high school, he's been my friend for the longest time. We've had our ups and downs through the years, but we've always been around for each other. I've had a couple of friends get married and move out of the city, but this is the one I'm gonna miss the most.

And then this random thought came into my mind out of nowhere. Damn, he and I never had a fistfight. First I thought, what a stupid idea. Me being me, it's nothing surprising. And then I took a second look at that idea, and I came to understand the deeper meaning behind that apparent inane thought.

I trust him enough to go to blows with him, knowing that while he may actually beat the living shit outta me [editor's note: may?], he wouldn't really hurt me.

You know, that last sentence made a whole lotta sense when I was thinking it, but now that it's written... it doesnt. But what the hell. It's 2 AM, it's getting way too cold, and I need to go to bed.

posted by Luis at 1:39 AM

wFriday, December 05, 2003

People who spam me. I've got a couple of mail accounts. I check one of them constantly, another one every few days, and then there's the one I use as my ICQ email account. That one's always flooded with spam. Not the food, the annoying email messages.

Here's a list of email accounts that have been sending me way too much crap:

DONT CLICK ON THEM. Im only putting them here so webcrawlers will harvest them and spam them. I'm in a bad mood right now.

posted by Luis at 4:50 PM