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wThursday, January 29, 2004

Well now...
It's been quite a while since I wrote here. I've done most of my ranting on LiveJournal, so that leaves me with not much to write here. Oh well, something will turn out. It always does.

Unknown facts about Milan that no one cares about, volume 2.

I've got a small obsesive-compulsive disorder that sometimes makes me walk the sidewalks while counting how many footsteps I take between cracks. As long as the result is a divider of a hundred, equal to or bigger than 5, then I'm ok. I dont know when I got this quirk, I dont know how long I'll have it, and I dont care. Just call it a harmless excentricity.

posted by Luis at 12:23 AM

wThursday, January 22, 2004

In the name of all things dark and unholy... Why, oh, why did they choose Keanu Reeves to play the part of John Constantine in the new Hellblazer movie??? And set in Los Angeles? How in hell can anyone find something not creepy in Los Angeles? Constantine lives in London. Constantine, in some way, represents the dark side of London, with his encounters ranging from bobbies in the street to soccer hooligans possessed by demons. What are they gonna use in LA for background? The Bloodz and the Crips?

Keanu Reeves. Jeez. He was cool in the Matrix trilogy, I'll grant you that, but as John Constantine? I just cant picture him blonde, smoking some Silk Cuts and flipping a finger at the Triumvirate who reigns Hell. I just cant. Nicholas Cage was a better choice. Or Cristopher Walken, even if he's too old for the part. Or Rutger Hauer.

All I can say is... Blimey.

posted by Luis at 8:33 PM

wTuesday, January 20, 2004

Unknown facts about Milan that no one cares about, volume 1.

I've got 5 plush lions in my room.

posted by Luis at 1:22 AM

wTuesday, January 13, 2004

Effing car thieves. Someone broke into my father's car this morning. Fortunately nothing important was stolen, as far as he could tell. Still, it pisses me off to no end when things like this happen.

Do you know, there was a time when people actually didn't have to lock their doors at night? When you could talk to complete strangers in the street without half expecting them to mug you? When police actually solved cases of robberies and thefts, and kidnappings for ransom? We have become a society so fearful, so paranoid, that people dont trust anyone else. And all 'cause of people like the ones who break into other people's cars.

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy on film. Some interesting news this day. They're finally making a movie from Douglas Adams' increasingly innacurate Hitchhikers Trilogy (of five books).

posted by Luis at 12:11 PM

wMonday, January 12, 2004

Sometimes change is good. Sometimes it's not. The problem is, how can we tell which is which?

I'm starting to think that this whole "dating a friend" thing is way too complicated. There's more pain involved when things don't work out right, there are too many secrets which should have been kept secret, there's the hurting of mutual friends who get hit by the shrapnel when the failed relationship explodes into bits of anger and hurt.

Maybe I should just fall in love with complete strangers, I suppose.

Iraqui blogging. I've been reading this blog, Healing Iraq. It's a personal diary by a normal, common Iraqui dentist, speaking about the situation happening all around him. Go ahead, spend a few minutes reading it. It's worth the time.

posted by Luis at 2:20 AM

wThursday, January 08, 2004

Choices. I have to make what could posibly be the hardest choice in my life. Right now. I think neither option will be a good one, in the long run. But sometimes you have to suffer, if you want to grow up and be a man.

Ok. Its done. Time to move on and face the consequences.

posted by Luis at 1:21 AM

wWednesday, January 07, 2004

And the nightmire rides on... Last night I had one of those weeeeird dreams I tend to have whenever I'm really tired and too hot. Someone (i'm betting my mom) decided to start the heater in my room... without realizing that I was sleeping under 2 heavy blankets already. So I guess by 4, 5 AM I was sweating like hell under the blankets.

About my dream: I was living in some kind of appartments located inside a mall... or the mall had grown around the neiborghood or something like that. Me and a few other friends were living in this semi-abandoned building, above a lot of shops for clothing, musical instruments, skateboards, eateries and I think a few movie rental shops. And we were all wearing pants and gray shirts, I dunno why. So suddenly, while I'm taking lessons for playing the lute in one of the shops, everybody leaves the complex. And I mean everybody. Me and my flatmates are just wandering around, and the shops are closed, and the appartments have been wiped out clean. So we run across the mall, and at the end there's still people and shops, and security guards who take a look at our shirts and decide we're runaway prisoners or something, because they start to gang up on us, trying to detain us. So we kick their ass, obviously, and we run out to the parking lot...

(Pay attention, 'cuz this is the part where it gets weird)

...to be received by an army of Clone Wars soldiers, leaded by some weird general-type of humanoid riding a huge, ugly... er... giant flea or something. And just when we're about to be blasted into itty bitty bits, there is an uprising and a lot of Rebels decide to strike against the soldiers, and we're handed weapons, and all of a sudden my dream turns into some Playstation Star Wars FPS, and we're fighting the Clones with their own weapons (and at some point I'm pretty sure we're even throwing Coke cans at them). And after that, we have to rescue some Rebellion leader or something (some John Connors dude). Being me, of course I end up killing him along the rest of the Clones (payback's a bitch, even more so when you're armed with a Rocket Launcher).

And then I woke up.

posted by Luis at 11:08 AM


My Dark Half... I recently started a new blog, in Livejournal. I'm going to try and post it on my "Friends" tab, let's see if it works.

posted by Luis at 12:36 AM

wTuesday, January 06, 2004

Note to friends. Milan's First Law of Knowledge: Milan knows. Milan always knows.

Milan's Second Law of Knowledge: What Milan doesn't know, he will find out sometime in the future.

Milan's Third Law of Knowledge: What Milan doesn't know and will not find out on his own, someone else will eventually come around and tell him.

God, sometimes I feel like Destiny.

posted by Luis at 6:01 PM


Return of the Ups and Downs. Never, ever, ever say that a) there's no hope at all, it will never work, or b) everything's completely safe and nothing can go wrong. Because life will prove you wrong just to spite you. Call it luck, call it destiny, call it a woman's whim or Murphy's Laws. Speaking of which, here's a gem I found at that site: Availability is a function of time. The minute you get interested is the minute they find someone else. Believe you me, I've carried that curse for so long, I think it's finally beginning to wear off.

So, what's the next step to take, when a girl I like finally comes around to noticing me (again)?

Step one : Panic!
Step two : ?????
Step three : Profit!

Evolutionary Correlation. Two hands. Two breasts. Coincidence? I think not.

posted by Luis at 5:55 PM

wSunday, January 04, 2004

Ups and downs, part deux. Sometimes I don't know why I even bother to wake up on a Sunday.

These days I have a nagging feeling that I'm gonna die alone, never having found someone who could make me happy, as I have been once or twice before. So what's the use of dating friends who I know will never get around to love me as I would want to? Of falling in love and getting my heart stomped on? Of trying to find ways to make her happy, when deep down I know it's never going to work?

Why do you want to "earn points" with me?, she asks, and for once I didn't have a good answer to give her. To see her smile, I guess. To know she's happy. Am just practicing in case I decide to seriously date someone else. Just because. Friendship. Love. Insanity. Earn good karma. I dont know.

If I had to chose a reason, I think I'd go with I dont know.

posted by Luis at 10:14 PM

wFriday, January 02, 2004

Long, dark coffee-time of the soul. I had a nightmare last night. I dreamt that I was at school, with a couple of friends, and somebody had hacked the computers and everyone had said I had done it, so the school authorities dragged me out of a lesbian support group meeting (or something of the sorts, don't ask me why) and tossed me in the slammer with a friend. There, the inmates had started to get too frisky, so I was starting to panic wondering how to get out of there before becoming someone's bitch, when I woke up.

And the first thing that crossed my mind upon waking, was... What ever happened to my first girlfriend?

I started thinking about her for a while. Where is she? Is she even alive? Is she, hopefully, having a good life with someone who loves her? Is she married, single, divorced? So, a quick google-fu, and I find her again.

A few minutes later, I switched my line of thought to, Why the $$%!& am I thinking about her after losing touch with her in the first place? Is it New Year's Day nostalgia? Guilt? The nice thing to do? Obsession? Who knows. Who cares. I'm pretty sure she's not interested in my life anymore, and that's ok. That means that she's matured more than I have through these years. Life goes on, as usual.

I'm the man on the inside looking out...
We all walk through life looking in different directions; some people are always looking towards the future, without ever giving the past a single glance. What has been, has been, and probably wont be again; the sins of the past are best laid to rest and forgotten. Some of us barely look forward, we keep looking at the past and all the memories and stuff. In the words of Roger Waters, always dragging behind you the silent reproach of a million tear-stained eyes. Some other people are even worse, in my opinion: they can't even see past themselves, always fixated on whatever gives them the most money, the most toys, the most power over other people.

Hope can set you free. Not quite so random link of the day: Tim Robbins filmography, and one of the best movies ever based on anything that came out of Stephen King's typewriter: the Shawshank Redemption (hint: check the rank the IMDB reviewers gave it).

posted by Luis at 10:37 AM