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wThursday, October 14, 2004

Finally, after a long time, I got a new job. Funny thing is that after months of not getting any news, I received word from _two_ different positions in the same week. I had to turn one down to take the other one; pity, for the first one had quite a few interesting long-range projects... but the short-term one just didn't quite convince me for the pay they were offering. Most of that, the foreign locale (a small city 3 hours away) was the deciding factor in my decision.

This new job, on the other hand, has to do with one of the things that I like so much: coding. In Visual Basic .NET, which I don't know, and which I'm supposed to learn, STAT. I start on Monday, 9 AM. First I head out to the central offices and fill out some forms and stuff, and then I'll drive aaaaall the way to the airport, and work in an industrial park (I'll be working on several projects for a transportation company).

I'm gonna be working with one of my best friends. She and I know each other since we were babies, we drifted apart as we grew up, but a few years ago we started hanging out together and going out to bars and stuff. It's great to work with her, she's better than I am at SQL Server and I'm deffinitely gonna need her help in the first few months.

Oh yeah. I'll be working in a 100% Microsoft environment. VB.NET and SQL Server and ASPs and ActiveX objects. Embracing the Borg I will be, hmmm? < /Yoda>

posted by Luis at 10:19 PM